Taco Time Trial (T3)

Taco Time Trial (T3)

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Saturday April 24th, 2021

We have missed road racing in the real world! The Taco Time Northwest team is excited to bring you the Taco Time Trial (T3). We have historically brought you the Ice Breaker Time Trial in early March, but we have had to switch it up this year to deal with, you know, life.  But we are going to bring it nonetheless!

The Taco Time Trial is going to be a Virtual Challenge, with real world bikes on a real road, racing in real weather, and posting real time against other athletes. But this time, for your safety, and the safety of other racers, volunteers, and race officials, there are no pre-determined start times, no bike holders at the starting gate, and no registration tent.

Bike registration page:   https://www.bikereg.com/49704

Since the event is using Strava as the data and not allowing manual entry, you will need a Strava account. Check out this article on how you can upload your data: https://www.bikereg.com/knowledge-base/136/How-to-update-your-activity-data-in-a-virtual-event

On April 24, the race will be on East Lake Sammamish, from just outside Marymoor Park and then south, head down, hammer time for 6.2 miles. The start will be identified with chalk and we will mark the 6.2 mile (10K for those of you on the metric system) point too, which is just beyond the crest of the hill.

Segment here: https://www.strava.com/activities/4861598341/segments/2807003509714718028

The course is generally flat, but it ends with a kicker, so save something for it.

And be aware of your distance, because at the speeds you will be going, you do not want to miss the finish line. 10K is going to come fast!

You pick your own start time on April 24, any time after 9 a.m. but you need to finish before 4 p.m. Please remember to keep your distance at the start line if you launch around the same time as other racers or when passing cyclists out on the road. Give other racers and riders a :30 – :60 buffer at the start line. Your time will upload to Strava and we will post a link to overall Leaderboard by the end of the weekend at this site: https://tacotimenw.bike/races-events-rides/icebreaker-time-trial/ .

There are only two categories, Women and Men, so no age or Merckx categories. Bikes must be USAC legal. The honor system is in effect. You have one official try. No drafting, no team time trials. There is also no support on the road, so be prepared for mechanicals/flats.

The top three times for Women and the top three times for Men earn cash: $100, $50, and $25. Tying times split the appropriate purse adjusted for place. For example, if two riders in the same category tie for the fastest time, i.e., first ($100) and second ($50), they will split the first and second place combined prize ($150/2=$75).

Cost for each registered rider is $13.00. The first 75 registered riders will receive a “thank you” gift from the Taco Time NW team that you can use in other races. You will receive a set of four BibSnaps (https://bibboards.com/pages/bibsnaps). Then, for your other races, you will not tear holes in your jersey and other racers will know you raced the T3. We will have a Taco Time tent set up near the Velodrome gate from 8:30a-5p, so before or after your race, stop by to collect your BibSnap (a $12.99 value). These will not be mailed out so don’t forget to get your set.

But this race is not about the money. Well, for the very fastest, it is. This is about bragging rights within your team, your friends, and the general cycling community that will marvel at the speeds recorded on April 24, 2021.

Other details

The roads are open to the public, so be aware of traffic and road conditions. The road and shoulder is in excellent shape, but be race aware.

There is a retail center beyond the end point of the race where you can catch your breath before returning to the start if that is where you needed to go after the race. There is also a bike path if you want to travel more slowly back to Marymoor.

We discourage sticking around the race before or after your race. Bathrooms are available in Marymoor park, as is parking if you do not ride to the ride.

One piece of advice for the race has to do with the imperfect accuracy of GPS.  If you start as close as possible to where the Strava segment begins, it is possible a slight GPS inaccuracy could affect the results. For example, a rider may roll up to the starting line, but if GPS has sensed you already begun the segment, the clock would be ticking while you are standing there getting ready to start.  We suggest that you remedy this with a flying start. While a flying start is not the typical way to start a TT, we will allow and encourage it for the T3.

When: Saturday, April 24th, 2021
Where: East Lake Sammamish Pkwy
Cost: $13.00

Online, https://www.bikereg.com/49704

Questions? Just submit your message below and we’ll get back to you!

The promoter reserves the right to change categories, places, and prize lists based on participation. USAC rules will be enforced.