About Us

Seattle SuperSquadra, racing as the Taco Time NW Cycling Team, is one of the Seattle area’s most recognized amateur cycling teams with over 60 members specializing in all cycling disciplines including road, cyclocross, mountain, and track.

Want to join a group of people who like to race hard and work together for results, but have fun while doing it? You can contact us, or join us most any Saturday in the off season for a team ride. You can also read the current bylaws, or learn a bit about our history.

Our Culture

As a team, we are committed to working together, racing hard and having fun. Our diverse roster fosters a rich level of growth and cycling development. We have an organized training development program that leverages our seasoned rider’s expertise while developing our new rider’s skills – all while having fun. This collaborative spirit extends beyond our team and into our community. We are passionate about growing and developing our local cycling community and are involved in the following:

  • Host 2 races a year (Volunteer Park and Icebreaker TT)
  • Registration for the Cyclocross Revolution series
  • Support for races hosted by other teams
  • Trail maintenance and clean up parties

Becoming a Sponsor

Supporting an active racing team like Seattle SuperSquadra with over 60 members can be a valuable asset to help you reach your marketing objectives. Contact us to learn more about our sponsorship opportunities.