Icebreaker Time Trial

Saturday March 2nd, 2019

Registration Closes Thursday February 28th at 8:00 PM

When: Saturday, March 2nd, 2019; first rider goes at 9:30 am.
Where: Auburn, WA (Start line is at the corner of Green Valley Rd and 218th)
Cost: $26; Juniors: $15; Tandems: $32

Online, via USAC, under USAC permit 2019-325
PREREGISTRATION ONLY. There is absolutely no day-of registration.

PREREGISTRATION ONLY. There is absolutely no day-of registration.

Numbers: WSBA numbers go on your RIGHT.

You’ve spent the past few months on our rain bikes, trainers and/or Zwifting. Well now it’s time to answer the question of fitness with the Race of Truth. Are you ready for the race season? How does your fitness stack up in the real world? Can you spin to win, or will you be a gear masher?

The Taco Time NW Cycling Team is pleased to provide you the forum to answer these questions, with our annual beginning-of-the-season Icebreaker Time Trial.

The Course

A 10 mile out-and-back, on Green Valley Road, near Flaming Geyser State Park, between Black Diamond and Auburn. The start, and finish, line is at the corner of Green Valley Rd and 128th.


The event may be contested using any equipment allowed by USAC regulations for time trials. So bring out your time trial bikes, your aero bar extenders, aero helmets, and deep wheels!


Both a USAC license and a WSBA number are required. You can purchase a one-day USAC license when registering for the event. WSBA rental numbers will be available on the day of the race; a $5 refundable deposit is required.

Registration is $26 for Seniors and Masters, $15 for Juniors, and $32 for tandems (covers both riders).

Preregistration is required. There will be absolutely no day-of registration.

Register online now, via USAC.

Special note for OBRA racers:

All OBRA racers please provide name, category, and team name in the contact query.  The Race Director will reply to your email.


The first rider will start at 9 am, sharp. After that, riders will start every 30 seconds.

Masters will start first, then Juniors, with Seniors wrapping up the day.

A complete schedule of start times will be posted the day before the event.


Note: If there are fewer than 10 riders in a category, the prize list will be 50% of that category’s entries.

We have raised the cash prize from previous year. MONEY! And, once again, the Icebreaker TT is part of BARR and JRDS.

Category Places Prize List (10+ riders)
Men Pro/1/2 3

$35, $30, $25

Men 3 3

$35, $30, $25

Men 4/5 3

$30, $25, $20

Master Men 35-39, Cat 1/2/3 3

$30, $25, $20

Master Men 35-39, Cat 4/5 3

$30, $25, $20

Master Men 40-49, Cat 1/2/3 3

$30, $25, $20

Master Men 40-49, Cat 4/5 3

$30, $25, $20

Master Men 50-59, Cat 1/2/3/4/5 3

$30, $25, $20

Master Men 60+, Cat 1/2/3/4/5 3

$30, $25, $20

Women Pro/1/2 3 $35, $30, $25
Women 3 3 $35, $30, $25
Women 4/5 3 $30, $25, $20,
Master Women 35+ Cat 1/2/3 3 $30, $25, $20,
Master Women 35+ Cat 4/5 3 $30, $25, $20,
Tandem 3 Medals
Junior, 10-12  (Boys/Girls) 3 Medals
Junior, 13-14 (Boys/Girls) 3 Medals
Junior, 15-16 (Boys/Girls) 3 Medals
Junior, 17-18 (Boys/Girls) 3 Medals


Questions? Just submit your message below and we’ll get back to you!

The promoter reserves the right to change categories, places, and prize lists based on participation. USAC rules will be enforced.

The Icebreaker Time Trial is a Category E event, sanctioned by USA Cycling, under permit number 2019-325.