Road Category4
Cyclocross Category4
Mountain Bike Category3

Race Results

Date Race Category Place
10/01/2017 Crosstoberfest Cat 3 Masters 45+ 15
07/30/2017 Skagit Bay Circuit Race Mens 40+ 20
07/26/2017 JBMV 4 4
07/19/2017 Jerry Baker Mem Velodrome 4 3
07/16/2017 Tacoma Crit Open 50+ 16
07/08/2017 Derby Days 3/4 DNF
06/29/2017 Seward Park 6:00 15
06/28/2017 Jerry Baker Mem Velodrome 4 8
06/21/2017 Jerry Baker Mem Velo 4 11
06/11/2017 Vol Park Crit 4 DNF
06/11/2017 Vol Park Crit Master 4/5 13
06/10/2017 Ballard Crit 4 15
06/08/2017 Seward 6/8/17 6:00 15
06/06/2017 PR 6/6/17 4 11
06/03/2017 Paulsbo Crit 4 6
06/02/2017 Season Kickoff 4 11
05/26/2017 Track Pre-Season 4 9
05/25/2017 Seward 3/4 15
05/18/2017 Seward 6:00 15
05/16/2017 PR Master 4/5 15
05/07/2017 Tour de Bloom Road Race 4 15
05/06/2017 Tour de Bloom Crit 4 15
04/20/2017 Seward Cat 4 15
04/09/2017 Mason #2 4 14
04/06/2017 Seward 6:00 15
04/04/2017 PR 4 15
04/01/2017 Mason Lake #1 4 14
03/18/2017 Tour de Dung #2 Master 4/5 7
03/11/2017 Tour De Dung 1 Master 4/5 36
02/04/2017 Cascadia Super G Mens 40+ 6


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RENTON, Wash. (December 4, 2015) – Taco Time Northwest is excited to announce its title sponsorship of the Seattle Super Squadra Cycling club. The club, formerly known as Cucina Fresca, will officially be racing as the Taco Time NW Cycling Team for the 2016 season. Seattle Super Squadra Cycling Club is one of the Seattle area’s most recognized amateur cycling teams with more than 50 members specializing in all cycling disciplines including road, cyclocross, mountain and track.

“We are really excited to be the title sponsor for the Seattle Super Squadra Cycling Club,” states Chris Tonkin, vice president of Taco Time NW. “This is another opportunity for Taco Time to support the local community that supports us. We feel that bike racing and everything this team represents is in alignment with our company values. Cycling embodies a healthy active lifestyle and that is right in line with our initiatives to support our community with access to healthier food and education about living a healthier life.”

As part of the sponsorship package, Taco Time NW will be the name sponsor of the Volunteer Park Criterium, one of Seattle’s longest running bike races. Additionally, Taco Time NW looks forward to welcoming riders at their restaurants for post-ride meals or as a meet-up location for team rides as well as collaborating with the team on additional events to benefit the cycling community.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Taco Time NW,” said cycling team President Mike McGuffin. “Taco Time NW’s dedication to nutritious food from local ingredients fits with our team’s focus on healthy training and spirited competition here in the Pacific Northwest. The team is excited to represent Taco Time NW both on the road and on the race course. Together, we will be Northwest FAST, every single day.”