Biking to me is not only about racing, its a way of life. I was a competitive high school athlete playing both varsity football and hockey. I tell you that because five years after graduating high school I went from a solid 185 lbs fit athlete to a 275 lbs person who thought he was still that fit kid from high school. Two weeks after I acknowledged how bad I let myself go, I went out and bought a cheap mountain bike. Two weeks after that I bought the most expensive bike I could afford at the time and started racing. At first some people laughed and gave me a hard time. By the time the next racing season came around I had lost 100 lbs. People stop laughing at me and started cursing when they saw my on the start line.

HometownApple Valley, MN
Road Category3
Track Category4
Cyclocross Category4
Mountain Bike Category2

Race Results

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