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Year Joined2015
Road Category4

Race Results

Date Race Category Place
08/31/2017 Seward 6PM 8/31/17 4 N/A
08/17/2017 Seward 6PM 8/17/2017 4 N/A
08/12/2017 Camano Island RR 8/12/2017 4 20
08/10/2017 Seward 5:30 8/10/2017 4 4
08/08/2017 Pacific Raceways 8/8/2017 4 7
08/03/2017 Seward 6PM 8/3/2017 4 N/A
07/30/2017 Skagit Bay Circuit Race 7/30/2017 4 12
07/27/2017 Seward 6PM 7/27/2017 4 N/A
07/20/2017 Seward 6PM 7/20/2017 4 N/A
07/16/2017 Tacoma Proctor Crit 7/16/2017 4 N/A
07/08/2017 Derby Days 7/8/2017 4 33
06/11/2017 Volunteer Park 6/11/2017 4 N/A
06/08/2017 Seward 6PM 6/8/2017 4 N/A
05/25/2017 Seward 6PM 5/25/2017 4 N/A
05/20/2017 MOE Stage Race 5/20/17 4 10th
05/07/2017 Tour de Bloom Omnium 4 8th
04/27/2017 Seward 6pm 30
04/27/2017 Seward 6PM 4/27 30
04/13/2017 Seward 6PM 4/13 30
04/09/2017 Mason Lake RR #2 4 Pack
04/06/2017 Seward 6PM 4/6 30
03/25/2017 IVRR Masters 4/5 14


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Ballard Criterium 3/4 35+ Recap

I’ve always been cautious about Ballard after watching several Cat 4 pileups one year as a spectator. Getting to race yesterday (no conflicting plans and the sun came out) was a bonus. I didn’t expect to have a chance at placing, so the race was incredibly fun because my expectations were low. For once, cornering felt completely safe – my bike took everything I through at it. Maybe because this was an older more experienced group? Anyway, it was adrenaline bliss.

Out of the gate, Erik O pulled everyone around at warp speed for the first two laps. Then Greg took a shot for a lap or two and had a pretty good gap. There was a blur of turn left turn left turn left with several close corners where I could’ve puckered up and kissed a pylon. Then one magical moment cruising along at 25mph – not even breathing hard.

Somehow I ended up on the front – I think it was one NON-prime lap between two prime laps – of course.

As I drifted to the back I saw Justin launch an attack as we crossed the start/finish line. From my vantage point it looked like it took a few more laps for a break of 4 to form. From what Justin said, they were all attacking separately and when they finally got together, not working together smoothly.

I let Z-Dog chase and pull me and the pack around for a lap. Small karmic repayment for me pulling him to Seward Park on Thursday. A few more laps of riding full gas just to suck wheel and not pull through – thereby impeding the chase.

As we ramped up for the final two laps, I clipped a pedal in turn 3. No big deal unless you were the guy behind me – sorry for the scare.

Coming down the final backstretch Erik and Greg were gunning for position. I thought about offering a lead out but had enough to worry about just maintaining position into corner 3 and by corner 4 it was over.

Looked like Greg had the best sprint  – 3rd in the pack sprint for 7th overall. Justin got 3rd for his hard work in the breakaway.

Looking forward to VP!